To all colleagues, volunteers, followers and nature lovers,

Via Pontica Foundation and Ecopark for Biodiversity and Alternative Tourism Vaya are presenting their latest venture:

“Ecopower” competition for the most interesting comic book


Topic: Superheroes in Wetlands and the Environment conservation

In line with the Foundation’s activities as part of the CEPA National Focal Point in Bulgaria

Eligibility: Each individual participant, club or class presents a completed story in 2 animated pages

Spread your imagination and look forward to your catchy and offbeat suggestions for superheroes in their shared nature care!

Prize Fund: Subject prizes await the first three places, with the winner also receiving a free visit to Ecopark for Biodiversity and Alternative Tourism “Vaya”

Deadline for submission of finished works: January 20, 2020
Comics are sent to: [email protected]

Notes: There is no limit to the number of participants presenting with one work. Plagiarism in any form is not permitted.

For more information, please follow us at:




“Ecopower” Competition for the Most Interesting Comic Book