The Executive Agency for Fisheries and Aquaculture / NAFA / has conducted another consecutive large-scale night action in the area of the Lake Vaya in Burgas region.

Vaya is located west of the central part of Burgas, between the neighborhoods of Gorno Ezerovo and Dolno Ezerovo and often becomes the subject of poaching. Even restrictive measures during a coronavirus pandemic do not stop fish poachers.



On May 2, 2020, in the hour range from 7:00 pm to 10:30 pm, inspectors of RC Burgas and employees of the General Administration of NAFA carried out a check on the shores and in the waters of Lake Vaya. In the course of the inspection, nets with catches in them have been found in working position. The 4300 m long mesh, with a mesh size of 100 mm, was seized with an ascertainment protocol against an unknown intruder, and 100 kg of carp caught were released and returned to the water.

Despite the current epidemiological situation, the Agency’s staff continue to carry out enhanced checks and surveillance to ensure compliance with the rules on responsible fishing and the conservation of fishery resources.


If irregularities are suspected, report to 112.




NAFA Employees with a Large-scale Action against Poachers near the Lake Vaya