About the Academy

What do social innovators need when they’re starting out? 50,000€ to invest in their business is obviously a game changer – but so too are skills! That’s why each year we run the European Social Innovation Academy – a three day residential learning and networking event, where our Competition Semi-Finalists pick up the vital knowledge they need to take their ideas to the next level.

This year, we invited experts from the world of banking, local government, as well as industry leading social innovation thinkers to Turin, to give our entrepreneurs the practical tools they need to scale and spread their Challenging Plastic Waste projects.

But don’t just take our word for it – here’s what some of the participants said about their three days in Turin…


Lina Radvilaite from The Plastomobile  (Lithuania)

“The Academy was so useful – we can’t wait to apply the knowledge we’ve picked up here! The experts really know what they’re talking about. We are currently building our team, so we have been able to learn some valuable lessons in how to best go about this.

Our project is currently our hobby and passion, but we think this Competition can be the springboard to take it to the next level!”


Simona Stiliyanova from  Fountains of Bulgaria (Bulgaria)


“I have loved the Academy. It’s brought together like-minded people from across Europe. I learned here that I don’t have to act alone – there is a community of us out there.

I now feel much better prepared for my project and I am so excited to get started on implementing the things I’ve learned!”


Constantin Ferseta from  Kidibot Plastic Battles (Romania)


“As innovators, we are often a little blinded by the effort we put into our projects and ideas. The Academy has taught us how to take an objective view. We have met some great experts, who have been particularly helpful in guiding us on measuring the impact of what we do. By putting this into practice, we can really see how we will end up with a better product.“


Arianna Dalfrà from ReciclaGaMe (Italy)

“At the Academy, we’ve come into contact with so many fascinating projects that I’m sure are going to shape the future.

The experts helped us identify our problems – I see now the mistakes we are making and how we can improve our business model and communication. We have a much clearer picture of what we have to do next.”

What Happens Next?

After three action-packed days in Turin, the Semi-Finalists headed home to work on their Development Plans. They’ll be supported in this process by local coaches, who will be providing one-to-one advice. After this, it’s up to the judging panel to select the final 10… and with 30 excellent projects to choose from, the decision will certainly be a tough one!


Semi-Finalists Gather in Turin for the The European Social Innovation Academy