The first transnational partner meeting on Smart Farming 4.0 All Project took place in Sofia, Bulgaria, December 9-10, 2019. During the two-day event, many fruitful discussions were held, as was talk about the launch and implementation of the project in accordance with the pre-set work plan and schedule.

On the first day, an introductory presentation of the Smart Farming 4.0 All project was made and the focus of the discussions was on the following key points: the development and adoption of the Project Management Handbook, Quality Assurance Plan and Project Dissemination Plan, a logo, website and design of the project page.

The second day of the meeting was devoted to horizontal project activities, including: quality assurance, evaluation, publicity and promotion, technical and financial implementation and accountability. The event ended with the presentation of a Work Plan for the two project years, the planning of the next partnership meeting and an assessment of the current one.



The Smart Farming 4.0 All project brings together six partners from Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece and Cyprus with different backgrounds, expertise and culture, which share a common vision to assist people in acquiring and developing basic skills and key attributes regarding their importance in the labor market and their contribution to a united society and promote the improvement of quality, the integration of innovation and internationalization in the field of agriculture. The Smart Farming Handbook will be developed under the project and a specific training curricula will be developed, that will be utilized to train experts from the participating organizations as “carriers” of innovation. This will ensure relevance and recognition of the achieved results in other European countries.



The leading partner of the project “Smart Farming in the Fourth Industrial Revolution” is Via Pontica Foundation and the other partners are:

  • HAKAN KANSO, Turkey



First Partners Meeting under Smart Farming 4.0 All Project