On 02.02.2019, at 11:00 in the building of the Central Office of “Bulgarian Posts” in Sofia, will be held validation of a series of four postage stamps entitled “Via Pontica – the Path of the Birds” illustrating four of the most beautiful species of waterfowl on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast – Great White Pelican, Eurasian Bittern, Little Egret and Pigmy Cormorant.

The date 01.02.2018 was chosen not by accident. It comes on the eve of World Wetlands Day – 02 February, which day the Via Pontica Foundation will celebrate, apart from the validation of the series of postage stamps, and with three events in Burgas, about which you can find more on the viapontica.org website and on the worldwetlandsday.org

The initiative for the creation of the postage stamps is on the Via Pontica Foundation, whose commitment to biodiversity and the protection of the planet is shared with many state and non-governmental organizations. The representatives of MOEW, EEA, RIEW, Burgas Municipality, the Union of Bulgarian Philatelists, as well as authoritative organizations working in the sphere of environmental protection, biodiversity and ornithology are invited to the event.



Wetlands are our future! The main benefits to humans from the normal functioning of wetlands are: climate protection, water use, fishing, agriculture, logging, energy, wildlife, transport, other products, including medicinal plants, recreation and tourism. The aim of celebrating World Wetlands Day this year is to raise awareness of the importance of wetlands in climate protection.

One of the most important and significant for Bulgaria is the Burgas wetlands. They are also the principal place of activities of the Foundation Via Pontica. The Bourgas Lake Complex is a major crossing point on the Via Pontica migration route – one of the great airways of migratory birds from all over Europe. Here the birds traditionally stop relaxing, and some remain to winter and nest. There are 254 bird species in the lakes region, 71 of which are included in the Red Data Book of Bulgaria. Of the species present, 105 are of European conservation importance, 9 of them are threatened globally and 95 species are endangered in Europe.

With the initiation and release of this set of four postage stamps, the Via Pontica Foundation aims to promote the rich biodiversity we still have, to change people’s attitudes towards protected areas and species so that there will be a clean nature for the generations after us.


Validation of Set of Postage Stamps to Mark the World Wetlands Day, 02 February 2019