Vaya Biodiversity and Alternative Tourism Ecopark is located near the Vaya Lake of the same name, which is the largest natural lake in Bulgaria. The Ecopark covers an area of 28 square km.

“We are part of Natura 2000 and we are a protected area. There are 245 bird species on the territory of the ecopark, 71 of which are in the Red Data Book of Bulgaria and 105 are of European natural significance,” said Ana Yancheva, manager of the Ecopark for Biodiversity and Alternative Tourism “Vaya”.

Some of the most interesting birds that can be seen in the eco-park are the Small White Heron, various other species of herons, the Pigmy Cormorant, Little Bittern, Eurasian Bittern, Dalmatian Pelican. Part of the population is the Great Pelican, as well as about 40 Greater White-fronted Geese and Mallards rescued by poachers. One of the missions of the eco-park is to provide shelter to the birds rescued from poaching.

“We already had several birding campaigns here rescued from poachers. Our main idea and concept for the development of our work is to interact with absolutely everyone who wants to work in shared care for nature, “said Ana Yancheva.

The basic concept for the development of an eco-park is to strengthen cooperation with all rescue centers. Several initiatives have been implemented with the Green Balkans from Stara Zagora.

It was there that the White Mute Swan was cured, which today floats freely in the lake. The Vaya protected area, thus becomes a natural environment and a safe place for the recovery of cured birds, injured migrants and rare birds in distress.

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Video – Todor Stavrev.
Installation – Valya Kovacheva.

Vaya Ecopark Annually Becomes a Haven for Various Species of Birds Affected by Poaching