The Via Pontica Foundation is proud to announce its inclusion as a full member of PAN Europe (Pesticides Action Network Europe). This partnership represents a significant step in the foundation’s efforts to work to create sustainable and healthy ecosystems, as well as to improve the relationship between people and nature, said the foundation’s founder and Chairperson of the Managing Board, Ina Agafonova.

PAN Europe is an organization that seeks to reduce dependence on synthetic pesticides and promote agro-ecological farming methods. The main objective of the organization is to protect the health of workers and rural residents, especially children, while protecting the environment and biodiversity. PAN Europe is a science-oriented organization composed of experts in various fields related to pesticides.

The inclusion of the Via Pontica Foundation in PAN Europe is a logical continuation of the foundation’s long-standing efforts in the field of environmental protection. With this move, the foundation not only expands its scope of influence at the European level, but also gets the opportunity to share and apply science-based methods for sustainable agriculture and ecosystem management. This aligns perfectly with the foundation’s mission to restore sustainable ecosystems with a focus on biodiversity reservoirs – wetlands and active steps to restore the relationship between people and nature.

The Via Pontica Foundation already has experience in the implementation and coordination of projects, including with EU funding, and is an active participant in the protection of species and habitats on land and water. Membership of PAN Europe will allow the foundation to actively participate in the development of policies and strategies at the European level related to the sustainable use of land and resources.

With this strategic move, the Via Pontica Foundation and PAN Europe are joining forces to work together to achieve their common goals: creating a sustainable future where man and nature coexist in harmony.

Via Pontica Foundation is now member of PAN Europe